Enviromental impact assessment

 An enviromental impact assessment planning is getting more and more important in the landscape developement!

According to ยง15 of the German Nature Protection Law, the producer of an impact on nature and landscape has the duty to hinder evitable impacts or, if unevitavle,  to keep the value of nature protection through actions of compensation or replacement
Samples of our work
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The size of the green planning area of the industrial zone on the B300 in Aichach was 3ha. The first demand of the local authority was to collect all rainfall water in this area in wide  channels and to drainage through a covered drainage pipe to the next river. All the green areas beside the planted areas we let sew with seed of flowers and herbs in order to get a bloom in the spring and in the summer. For the result see above! 

 For the Community of Obergriesbach an its road connection to a remote village the normal enviromental impact assessment plan includes also a special protection of species analysis according the EU-Regulatory FFH (Flora-Fauna-Habitat).